The Story of TLC 

Richard was a skateboard-loving teenager from Maryland, with a passion for fashion and music. He had always been frustrated by the lack of stylish phone cases on the market, and he dreamed of finding a way to share his unique style with the world.

One day, while scrolling through his Instagram feed, Richard had an epiphany: what if he could start a company that curated the best, most fashionable phone cases from around the world? He spent his days searching for the most creative and unique phone case designers, and eventually came up with a collection of colorful, artistic phone cases that were unlike anything else on the market.

Excited by his new project, Richard set up an online store and started selling his curated selection of phone cases to his friends and followers. To his surprise, his store quickly gained a devoted fan base, with skateboarders and fashion-forward individuals from all over the world clamoring to get their hands on his unique selection.

As Richard prepared to launch his online store, he knew he needed a name that would capture the essence of his company. He wanted a name that conveyed exclusivity and individuality, something that would set his phone cases apart from the rest.

After much contemplation, Richard settled on the name "TLC" for his company. The acronym stood for "The Limited Company," and Joseph liked the idea of creating a limited selection of phone cases for a select group of customers. He hoped that the name would convey a sense of exclusivity and individuality, and would help his phone cases stand out in a crowded market.

As demand for Richard's phone cases grew, he knew he was onto something special. He worked tirelessly to expand his product line and improve his online store, constantly searching for new and exciting phone case designers to feature. He also started collaborating with top fashion designers and rappers, incorporating their unique styles into his selection.

Thanks to Richard's hard work and dedication to finding the best phone cases, the "TLC" store became a global phenomenon, with customers in every corner of the world. Richard's phone cases were worn by skateboarders, rappers, and fashion-forward individuals alike.