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Make your friends jealous with 24k silver phone case

Tired of looking like just another basic Amazon user with a plain old phone case? It's time to upgrade to the ultimate flex piece for your phone. 

Just like you show off your wealth with a thick silver Cuban chain, you can now flex your silver with this phone case. So why settle for a boring phone case when you can have one that truly reflects your style and personality? Don't ruin your look with an ordinary case – flex this one instead.

Fancy silver infused.

Not only is this case infused with nano 24k silver particles (because regular silver just isn't fancy enough), but it also reflects a whopping 93% of incident visible light. That's right - this case is guaranteed to make all your friends green with envy. Just imagine how impressed they'll be when they see the dazzling finish on your phone. But seriously, what more could you possibly want in a phone case? This one has it all - bling, shine, and enough reflective power to blind everyone around you.

Win your attractive game. Proven by science.

According to our survey conducted by Dr. Emily, a majority of people (over 85%) find their date less attractive when he or she uses a cheap old phone case. Just like how clothing can affect a person's attractiveness, a cheap old phone case can give off a boring and unappealing appearance. Avoid being seen as dull and undesirable by upgrading to this new phone case. Let's be honest, nothing says "I'm a catch" like a stylish phone case. Okay, maybe we're exaggerating a bit. But in all seriousness, don't let a cheap old yellowing phone case ruin your chances with the ladies. Invest in a new case today and up your attractiveness game.

So strong that it breaks concrete.

It was a beautiful day, one of our customer, Mary had decided to take her phone out to the balcony of her 26th floor apartment to capture some stunning views of the city. She was so engrossed in taking photos that she didn't realize she had leaned a little too far over the railing. Before she knew it, her phone slipped out of her hand and plummeted towards the ground below.

She held her breath as the phone fell, praying for a miracle. To her amazement, when the phone finally hit the ground, it didn't shatter or break apart. Instead, it somehow managed to penetrate the concrete roofing of the building on the first floor. The phone was still in perfect working condition with only a few scratches on the case.

*Thanks to Mary for sharing the photo and story with us.

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Silver Drop - Yellow Stripes
Silver Drop - Yellow Stripes

Silver Drop - Yellow Stripes


FREE mystery box to your order
Every phone case order qualifies for a free mystery box phone case. To redeem the mystery box, please add it to your order from cart.

What's included:
- A phone case
- A fancy box
- Privacy protector (if added)

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